Tremendous authority, beauty and variety
— Joe Milicia, Enjoy the Music
Reiko Uchida is the glue that holds these performances together... it’s Uchida who really shines in both the Gernsheim and the Brahms. In the former, she plays with towering strength and soaring emotional expression, while in the latter she plays with highly impressive technique, navigating Brahms’s rhythmic conundrums with extraordinary sharpness of definition.
— Jerry Dubins, Fanfare Magazine

internationally acclaimed soloist, chamber musician, accompanist

Refined and exquisite
— The New York Times
One of the finest recordings of Schubert lieder you will find
— The Berkshire Review on 2007’s Schubert Songs
A jewel of a recording introducing a marvelous Jessica Lee accompanied by an equally marvelous pianist, Reiko Uchida. The two of them are simply irresistible...we sense we are in the presence of a point of view that is definitive as long as we listen. That is what the best performers achieve: they make us unaware of all other possible ways of playing the music.
— Bob Neill, author of Positive Feedback
Reiko Uchida performs these works with grace and drama
— Gernshein and Brahms Piano Quintets, Editorial Review